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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Sounds of Violence
Submitted By Justin Zimmerman
Sung to the Tune of SOUNDS OF SILENCE

Hello broadsword my old friend
I've come to fight with you again
Because the sounds of battle ringing
In my ears has me singing
And the rock that I have instead of a brain
Still remains
I love the sounds of violence

In tournaments I fight alone
I leave my melee gear at home
But when I go down to the Pennsic War
I often fight in groups of five or more
When my friend was stabbed by an eastern spear in the head
He was dead
Touched by the sounds of violence

A thousand footmen waging war
A hundred archers maybe more
Polemen thrusting from the second row
Shieldmen dying, they're the first to go
Two-stick fighters can harry the enemy flank
They've got rank
And love the sounds of violence

Foolishly I pressed ahead
I'd be a hero or be dead
A belted fighter tried to teach me
With his polearm he might reach me
But my blows like violent hailstones fell
And struck well
Causing the sounds of violence

Eastrelm fighters fell and died
Before the advancing midrealm tide
And we shouted out our battle cry
We would conquer or we would die
And the bards sing the deeds of the fighters that bravely fall
And they all
Whisper the sounds of violence