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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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A Grazing Mace
Submitted By Justin Zimmerman
To The tune of AMAZING GRACE

A grazing mace,
how sweet the sound,
that felled my foe for me

I bashed his head,
he struck the ground,
and thus came victory

My mace has taught my foes to fear,
that mace my fear relieved
How precious did my mace appear,
when I my mace received

Through many tourneys wars and fairs,
I have already come
My mace has brought me safe thus far,
my mace will bring me home

The King has promised good to me,
his word my hope secures
I will his shield and weapon be,
when he gives me my spurs

And when my mace my foeman nails,
that mortal strife shall cease
And we'll possess within our pale,
a life of joy and peace

A grazing mace,
how sweet the sound
that flattened a wretch like thee!

Whose head is flat,
that once was round;
done in by my mace....and me!

A grazing mace,
how sweet the sound
that smites a foe like thee

You're left there lying on the ground,
you've left the field to me!