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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Under the Shield Wall
Submitted By Justin Zimmerman
Lyrics By: Andrixos and Chidiock

Oh when the sun is hot
And your head's burning in your helm,
And though you fight and fight
Neither side can overwhelm,
Under the shield wall - it's the place to be -
With my lady beside me - willingly.

Under the shield wall, where it's quiet and dark;
Under the shield wall, like our own private park;
Under the shield wall, polearms crashing above;
Under the shield wall, we'll be making love;
Under the shield wall, shield wall.

Well it's the safest place
That fighter can ever be.
No weapon reaches there
To break our sweet tranquility.
Under the shield wall - out of the sun,
With my lady beside me, we'll be havin fun.


So when the sides are joined,
And you find yourself in the press,
Why don't you join me there
And take a break from battle stress.
Under the shield wall - it's the place to be,
With my lady beside me - carnally.