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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Lilliandra's Harvest Feast
Written and Submitted By Lilliandra

     Lilliandra had been in Midnight Keep for about a month, when the time for the Harvest feast came. The Feast was a wondrous time when Midnight Keep shared their bounty with their brethren in Misted Hills. There was a tourney of the populace and a Squires tourney as well. The fighters in both of these tourneys fought valiantly and fiercely.

     One fighter in particular caught her eye. His soul was the soul of a man who would one day become a true legend. He moved as quickly as lightning and fought with fierceness in his eyes of a true fighter. This man was the Sheriff of Naebonshire, Mordekin Kaine. Watching him fight made Lilliandras heart quicken, and she was at a loss. It had been many years since she had even considered the possibility of involving anyone except for her son and herself in their lives. So she went about her business that day keeping a constant eye on this Sheriff.

      As she was watching one of the later rounds of the Tourney of the Populace the Sheriff asked Lilliandra to come and sit at the front of the fight. Surprised, she agreed. When asked for whose honour he fought the Sheriff said her name. Unfortunately Lilliandra was so shocked by this that she accidentally slighted Mordekin by not responding to this. When she realized this she felt ashamed. In the next round he fought, he once again said it was Lilliandras honour for which he fought. Following the custom of the land from which she had came, she meekly nodded her head in acknowledgement. The Herald Gariff not knowing that this was her custom said that once again she had slighted the Sheriff. At this point she decided to just sit back and enjoy the fight and explain the misunderstanding later to the good Sheriff. (Assuming that he would want to speak to her.)

     Later that day as everyone was preparing for the feast the Baron came and asked Lilliandra if she would please compete in the Bardic contest of that evening. He told her that he had heard her singing one day in passing and that her voice was something he wanted the people to hear. She agreed to do so, but only because it would honour His Excellency.
As all were being seated for the feast the Sheriff asked Lilliandra if she would be so gracious as to join him. Lilliandra agreed and took this chance to explain her behavior earlier in the day. Mordekin was kind and said he understood and to not worry about it. Throughout the feast they greatly enjoyed eachothers companionship, and quickly established a friendship.

     The Baron called for court to begin. Many different deeds were honoured and rewarded. The winners of the Tourneys were rewarded, and those being squired were announced. The Baron took two squires, Nigel St. Nubbins, the merchant, and Sheriff Mordekin Kain. Lilliandra couldnt help but laugh when the Baron told them both they needed to learn a knights humility.

     Many other things happened during the feast. There was a fencing display that was both exciting and comedic. This was because the fencers kept hitting the Harvest Wreath that Lilliandra had hung from the ceiling. The food was spectacular and the dessert even better. There was also a time when the Baron, and Sir Luthlanthilis announced the promotions within their ranks.

     As the feast was coming to a close, Tatiana brought forth a gift that they had made for the Barony. It was a spectacular flag with the Midnight Keep standard. The Baron was incredibly touched by this, and expressed his gratitude.

     It was finally time for the Bardic competition. There were three performers. Marcus of Misted hills performed a humorous little song first.
After him the lady merchants sang The Irish Blessing, bringing tears to many an eye. As Lilliandra took her place in front of the Duke Cornelius she did not believe she would win. She reminded herself that winning was not the point, but that performing her best for her Lords pleasure was her goal. She sang He Nay Mah Tov, a song of brotherhood that the people of the village she and her husband had served, sang. As she finished the room was silent. That was a wonderful reward in itself, but the Lords also honored her by choosing her as the winner of the competition.

     When she turned around to walk away she saw Mordekin smiling at her. She went to him and they went and talked for many hours into the night. All in all Lilliandra felt as if this had been a wonderful way to make her debut as a Bard and citizen of Midnight Keep.

Peace and Goodwill