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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Sons of Odin
Written and Submitted by Mordekin Kain

They garnish the skins of wild animals

They eat the food of the Odin

They summon their inner ferocity of the beast inside

Their craving for battle and blood grows

The battlefield is in sight

Their voices roar above all others

They begin to gnaw on their shields as the ferocity rises to full force

The battle horn is blown

And like a tidal wave "The Sons of Odin" pour down upon the battlefield into the enemy lines

Leaving in their wake a path of carnage

Their limbs may be cleaved from their body but they press on through the ranks of the enemy and fight until all enemies forces have been destroyed

After the battle is won those who fought valiantly and have mortal wounds inflicted upon themselves depart from the realms of man and enter the halls of the gods to be welcomed

Those who survived the battle live to fight on in the realm of man

To be again "The Sons of Odin"

And so that is the fate of the "the Sons of Odin" Fabled in most lands to be called berserkers...a fierce bunch of folk.