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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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The War of Sins
Written and Submitted By Justin Zimmerman

They gathered under the darkening skies,
Armor girded, bright spearpoints gleaming.
Thoughts of brothers, lovers, sweethearts, wives
Children and proud parents beaming.

Some were praying, others staring,
Many had written their last words.
Some where silent, some where swearing,
While overhead circled the carrion birds.

Fear, pain and tears in the eyes,
As they fought a formless foe.
Many were wounded, many more died,
And vast and terrible was their woe.

The foe was the shape of a dark mist, spread thin,
And to behold it made the heart bleed.
The foe was the fears and lies of lovers and men,
The promises made in lust, fear or greed.

They fought and still fight the army of sin,
They have fought since the dawn of man.
But the Bright Ones are loosing too many men,
Since those of us mortal cannot take a stand.

And so when you promise love, believe it then,
And do not say what you really dont mean.
For Women and Men are the makers of sin,
And the crows are plucking bones clean.