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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Orc Shaman's Chant
Submitted By Gozar Blonka

Nixi honi,
vision vine boding spirit of the forest
origin of our understanding
give up your magic power to our potion
illuminate our mind
bring us foresight
show us the designs of our enemies
expand our understanding of our forest
Brush with markings of the serpent
give us your leaves for our potion
bring us favor of the boa
source of good fortune
Spirits of the forest revealed to us by honi xuma
bring us knowledge of the realm
assist in the guidance of our people
give us the stealth of the boa
penetrating sight of the hawk and the owl
acute hearing of the deer
brute endurance of the tapir
grace and strengh of the Jaguar
knowledge and tranquility of the moon
kindred spirits,
guide our way.