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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Colleen's Spirit
By Lilliandra

As Faeries flutter about
The Spirit of Colleen watches her people live.
She watches them turn their backs on Hate,
Watches them open their arms to Kin-love.

She watches her daughter laughing, happy and in love.
She watches a young Baron rule with justice in his Heart.
He reminds her of her Lost Baron.

Colleen watches children laugh and play.
They think nothing of war,
And she sees a bright future.

A Faerie comes and sits with her.
Fion is his name.
He says he no longer fears these people,
They fight for what is Just,
Not for the Dark.

She sees the Spirit of Yule-
Alive in the Hearts of these,
"Children of Corinthia".