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Eldaraenth The Bardic Circle   
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Harvest Feast
By Lilliandra

Baron Sebastian and his Lady sat at the head table-
Watching people feast on food,
And Feast on friendship.
He watched children run,
He watched his people lough and smile.
And he knew that the people of Midnight Keep were content.

The fighters told stories of their recent victory.
The craftsman exchange playful insults.
The Bard walked around singing.
Thus he knew they were happy.

He watched them welcome outsiders,
Like they were brethren.
He watched the friendly rivalry between Misted Hill's
people and his own.
And he knew they were generous.

He watched them eat,
Saw how the complimentedt the cooks,
Watched how they helped the servers.
In this way he knew they were grateful.

He gave them their rewards,
He gave them his praise
They presented the Baron with a Standard for their Land.
Because of this he knew he was loved.