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Eldaraenth-The Bardic Circle


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"Their Songs rallied us under the flag and made even the most reluctant serf into a brave warrior, fighting for home and family."

The Sons of Silathas

Eldaraenth Lyrics: Sebastian Shadowalker
Original Lyrics: Malkin Grey (SCA)
Original Music: Peregrynne Windrider (SCA)

Hasten, O warriors, over the high-road,
Strong armed villagers from the toil of the field,
For Sebastian has called us from Haven and Solace,
To Misted Hills country, his army to be.

We'll take our pay there in sweeter than silver;
We'll take our plunder in richer than gold,
For Foeman has promised land for the fighting,
Land for the sons of Silathas to hold!

Hasten, O Man @ Arms, down to the river,
Dragon-ships come on the in-flowing tide.
The linden-wood shield and the old spear of ash-wood
Are needed again by the cold waterside.

Draw up the shield-wall, O shoulder companions.
Latter, whenever our story is told,
They'll say that we died holding what we call dearest:
Lands that the sons of Silathas will hold.

Hasten, O Veterans, north to the Shield Wall-
Misted Hills warriors come over the Fields!
Their Armies they've laden with Red Tower Mages,
To claim Silas's crown, and our master's to be!

Bitter they'll find there the bite of our spear-points;
Hard-hitting Northmen too strong to die old.
We'll grant them six feet-plus as much as their taller-
Of land that the sons of Silathas will hold!

Make haste, Squire of Honor, southward from Grunheim,
Triumph is sweet, and your men have fought hard,
But Foeman the Bastard has landed at Solace,
Burning the land you have promised to guard.

Draw up the spears on the hill-top at Solace,
Fight 'til the sun drops, and evening grows cold,
And die with the last of your Brothers around you,
Holding the land you have promised to hold.

Note From Sebastion:

This is a very appropriate fight song for the armies of Midnight Keep to learn.
I encourage all of my male and female warriors to learn the words - and I will teach the tune.